This is for those whose Companion doesn't work

no its just that it doens’t detect your ip. i get similar error no wifi connection. but i am able to use companion using mobile hotspot.

you are in low network area…

I have used MIT AI2 companion using mobile tethering and that also shows this message but connects anyway.
@krish.jha ignore that message and try to connect.

No,my net average speed is 2mbps and it never go below 1 and that time i was in grond floor of house that why but i live in 3rd floor of house (Highest)and my pc is also there

Mit companion? I use kodular companion ad it dont Works so can you say that it’s only works on MIT or also on kodular for you?

Yes it works for me for all companions.

Can you show us what is not working?

Nothing nothing happens when i scan code
Everything stays still
But in emulator with same usb tethering
It shows app in 3-4 seconds

Mobile tethering connection will be slow so it will take more time to load.

but i still use mobile tethering but it loads so fast in emulator

Can you elaborate more?

i checked it stuck at getting secure connection but while in emulator in just take 1 second and both time i use same connection

its still stuck

You mean in phone it stucks and in emulator it loads in companion.
If yes then you have to wait for someone’s reply because as I have mentioned I have phone which is too small and has Android 4.4.2 and I can not use companion on it.

still stuck and in the app i am checking is new it have only one screen with no assets only some function

ok it will be highly appreciated if i got help