Three screens bad arguments to select list item

Hi, please advise. I have an application where I have 3 screens. From screen 1, when I click the button, screen 3 opens. On screen 3, when I click the button, screen 3 closes and screen 2 opens. And here when I press the button, I need moved the value of 2 labels to screen 1. But it says Bad arguments to select list item. The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments, empty string. However, if I skip screen 3, the app works correctly and transfers the values ​​from screen 2 to screen 1. Please advise and send the aia version.
Threescreens.aia (5.2 KB)

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the error is happening when you close screen 3 not 2 because at that time the list isn’t created yet just add this block

Thank you very much for your quick reply

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So I modified the application according to your advice. And it no longer reports an error, but at the same time the data does not move from screen 2 to screen 1. Please help me some more?
Threescreens(1).aia (5.2 KB)

I couldn’t get it to work sadly…
the block “other screen closed” doesn’t seem to care about Screen2 at all for some reason

I also don’t understand why the data from screen 2 doesn’t transfer to screen 1. Can anyone else advise please?

Threescreens1(1).aia (5.4 KB)

Hi, your modification of my app doesn’t work either. When I go from screen 2 to screen 1, the app closes. And so the data will not transfer from screen 2 to screen 1.

Companion works but in apk does not

Please someone help me get this working

I already figured it out. For this to work, screen 1 has to open screen 2, which then closes and transfers data to screen 1. Previously, screen 1 opened screen 3, which closed and opened screen 2, which then closed but no longer transferred data to screen 1 because screen 2 was not opened by screen 1. So I set it on screen 3 to close but not open screen 2 and on screen 1 I set that when screen 3 closes screen 2 should open. And it works it. The data is then transferred from screen 2 to screen 1.
Threescreens.aia (5.4 KB)