Timeline Extension

The Timeline App Inventor Extension provides an easy method for converting a Label component into a Timeline.



AIX Files & AIA Files:

com.brandon.timeline.aix (5.5 KB)
Timeline.aia (6.3 KB)

Use Version 2 It’s The Most Recommended (and has updated features)

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You Can Post Your Timeline (What You Did To The App Earlier)
Created A Project - 12:00pm
Coded using Blocks - 12:14pm
Build My App - 12:16pm

Is it meaningful to post an extension like this? I understand that you are a newbie, but this can be replicated with a list as a variable.

You also have to understand the mentality of Kodular users, whom most have a quota of 5 extensions. Your test extensions occupy valuable space for this.

Also, and most of all, please follow the naming conventions for your parameters as you constantly don’t.