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Hi how can i create a timetable like this , i have searched a tableview extension

but i don’t know how i can use it to create like this

There is an aia attached in that extension topic.You can get help from it

I didn’t understand that that’s why i have asked

You have to use your own logic according to what you need to display, and for this there is the aia to understand the base part. You cannot expect anyone would just guide you with every single step, just because you don’t know how to start/ create!

Construct the logic yourself and if you get stuck anywhere/ have already got stuck, then show us what you have done and where the problem is.


Have done this much by myself - a scrollable timetable with date and day attached

And this is my database

These are my blocks

blocks (20) blocks (19) blocks (18)

But I don’t know how can i add further time and subject in the table … can somebody help

Means only one row us created and u want to create multiple? Is this u want to do?? Or i misunderstood

I have a confusion, that once this has been created for each number of things in subject variable for each day a new row should be created and below it another row containing the timings for each subject

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Ok got your point…i have not used tbis extension before… But . Let me check… May be i provide solution tomorrow morning because i have closed my laptop
…let’s wait if someone helped… If not then i’ll try to create a project for u…

Thanks for replying but i tried and found the solution

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