TimeTools : The Tools Only For Time

So I Am Here With My Second Extension :smile: : TimeTools
Special Thanks To @vknow360 For This Great Idea :blush:
Special Thanks To @help_cttricks For Making Get online time component


It Helps You With Time , The Functions Which Take So Much Blocks To Complete can be done with just a Block.It Have 10 Blocks. You Can Also Get Online Time With It
You Can Suggest Me A Good Function To Implement


GetOnlineTime_INDIA - This block will call the Online/internet time.Time region -Kolkata,India (+5:30)Created By help_cttricks
TimeZone-GMT+5:30 , Format-HH:mm:ss
GetOnlineTime - This Block Will Call Online Time With TimeZone You Want
24HourFormat - Set True If You Want 24HourTime Output In Getonlinetime block else false
Got Online Time - Event When Got Online Time.Created By Ct tricks
ConvertTo12HFormat - Convert Time To 12 Hour Format
ConvertTo24HFormat - Convert Time To 24 Hour Format
ChangeTimezone - Change any time to given time zone
Timezone format should be like GMT+1:00
GetDeviceTimeZone - Get Your Device Current Timezone
Find Difference - Find Difference Between Two Times
EposhToNormal - Convert Eposh Time To Normal Time Created By @Ken :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
IsAfter - Returns true if first time is after second time else false
IsBefore - Returns true if first time is before second time else false
IsEqual - Returns false if first time is equal to second time else true

Upcoming Blocks

In that you can get online time according to time zone and also you can set that you want time in 12 h or 24 h
You Can Suggest Me


Version 1 :- 5 Blocks Added( ConvertTo12HFormat, Find Difference, IsAfter, IsBefore, IsEqual)
Version 2 :- 2 Blocks Added(Get Online Time,Got Online Time),Naming conventions have been fixed.
Version 3 :- 3 Blocks Added( ConvertTo24HFormat, ChangeTimezone,GetDeviceTimezone)
Version 4 :- Major Bug Fixed
Version 5 :- Added 3 Major Blocks
Version 6 :- Changes In Some Blocks


Aix- TimeToolsByKrishha07.aix (15.7 KB)


excellent now many users can compare time , very usefull


Thanks,If You Want Any Feature Related To Time Then Suggest me i will add it


thank you for your contribution
please follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter) and lowerCamelCase for parameter names




Ok :+1: will do

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Finally GetOnlineTime Function Have Been Added
A Big Thanks to @help_cttricks for making this blocks:yum:


Which time is getting online? GMT or what? Means if user is from USA he will get time of USA ? Or he has to choose time region?

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Oh i forgot to say​:sweat_smile:
Time is +5:30


It can be better if you will automatically detect timezone and then get datetime.

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Unavailable For Now​:sweat:
But i have got a superb idea for new block​:smiley:
Change time according to timezone

I have something for you(under testing)

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Ya what is that?:sweat_smile:

Very Nice Extension

It means only for india? What about other users?

Thank you so much​:kissing_heart:

Right, there must be an option for change time zone or detect zone automatically, like if user is on Vpn or something then it detect time zone and works for everyone and every situation

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No others can compare
Actually i cant find any dynamic way
There could be only one timezone :sweat_smile:
But there is new block coming for it you can check-in in upcoming blocks section

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I cant make detection one.
But i will be different block so just add block next to it and enter zone number like 0:00,1:50,5:30,6:90 etc.

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Using an extension give a better experience and let the user gives simple way to do these works and what if using an extension and then again compare time zone, i think thats not a good idea, extension is best but a little thing can make it more better

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Bro thats why i am adding new block in sometime (2-24hours)
You will know after Release

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