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Oh ho… I got time from world clock API website , but though it displays time sometime it shows error message in pop up. So, if I display online time via extension mean no such a error message na , that’s why I tried this …

you can try using clock component

But user can change it…that’s why we are moving to online time. I am creating app for my school , to distribute question paper in online and will close automatically after sometime. So system clock won’t fit for it.

clock component also gives online time @Still-learning

On Line time always limitation

clock component does not have limitations

Isn’t?? I thought it gives only system time. Oh, God … Tm I will try to use it. Thanks for the information @luv.ak.tech

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No clock component shows the system time only. See I changed the time in mobile now and app also shows the same…

Then you might show us the block too…
Because I don’t find any such block

I used the same blocks to get the time.

But it gives system time only rather than online time. I changed the time in my mobile immediately time from app also changes … see the previous post.

sorry i thought you want system time only

Ok it was my bad,
I forgot to quote in my post
@luv.ak.tech said the clock component gives the online time, i said otherwise

I have now edited the post to maintain continuity

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see this - [FREE] Secured Countdown Timer Extension Unhackable
there it is showing getting online time from api


No issue …

How to use find defence block ?

Give me example block image.

refer here,

How to get tomorrow date?

Really? Why dont you add,then, +1 with obtained date?

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When date 32 and if add +1 then result is date 33.
How to fix this?

In such case you should use this online time. Normal default clock have to use also you have adjust some formulas… simple… But we cannot understand the your logic… Anyway it is possible with default clock thats all and simple