Tiny WebDB ist this correct?


Or am I completely wrong?

Why you don’t test it yourself?

It is true if we look at the logic, but we can’t know the configuration of your TinyWebDB instance.

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I have to say that my DB is not set completely yet

Then you should ask questions after completed everything which needs to be done by you. :wink:

Thanks, but it was just a question about the logic. If this is okay, I will install and organize the remaining components and contents. Just want to know in case of issues that the blocks are okay this way. Thanks!

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You’re welcome!

But logic is about testing and experiment. So just try. When it doesn’t work, try changing something and try again :smile:

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Ok I have done the most but I don’t get it.

I created a database. It looks like this at the moment:

and I created two records.


I’ve coded under tutorial this php:

(INSER typo is corrected)

my domain is e.g. superduperapps.com

the php file is in superduperapps.com/website/kodularapp/submitlocations.php

WHAT of those is my service URL? this is a thing what I’ve COMPLETELY DID NOT UNDERSTAND, besides the other things I did not know like a guy who wants to learn swim and only knows water is wet.

I read tutorials all day, watched videos, followed instructions. In the meantime, I’ve even downloaded the Google Cloud SDK, set up an account, etc. It’s a bit oversized.
I only need:
A list from which the user can select a name. This name is linked to a URL. activates the ActivityStarter Google Maps to navigate to the URL.

If you want professional support you might want to tell people how much you’re willing to pay for it.

Thanks for looking into this thread!
When I said “professional” support, it was meant as a compliment rather than a request for a paid contract. For me, all members here try to help as best, this is what I mean with professional. Sorry if I raised false hopes here. I think I have come a little bit closer to the solution myself, I just ask:

How can I tag a certain part in the database (name) or (location) for TinyWebDB.

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