TinyDB after updating

I have an application that I preferred to save private information in TinyDb. When I do an update this app, I will lose all of this information? If yes, is there any way to upgrade keep TinyDb data?

No, updating your app won’t lose any data unless you haven’t changed the package name, just if you delete your app, you lose information stored on tinydb

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It should be the opposite meaning.

Use online databases.

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Thank you colleagues for your answers above. I ask this because before sending the playstore, we install the new version on my phone keeping keeping the name of the package, but also keep the version number. then I realized that the data recorded on TinyDb been erased. And only after the tests do I change the version number and update the PlayStore.

I use yes and the firebasedb, but in this particular case, I prefer to keep the person’s information in the internal database tinyDB.

now I understand. in fact I was deleting the previous version and installing the apk directly without going through due PlayStore be testing. I’m glad to know that people will not lose data, but if you uninstall the app. this way I will put a warning when installing the app.

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