Tinydb and Notifier problem

This block not showing the Notifier alert? what i am doing wrong?

Hello @yaseen_mcom03

Can you show the section containing the call Tiny_DB1. Store Value blocks?


I don’t have store value block. Actually my app checks whether the tag exists at startup. If does not exist then the tag is created after loading a list.

I know you are using Taifun’s file by file method to download the all files during the first-run of your app.

But, in that method also, once all the file are downloaded, then it stores “DONE” text in Tiny DB using the call Tiny_DB1. Store Value property. And I am talking about showing the section containing this block

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Yes i am using that method but with Airtable. I have the same blocks as by Taifun but not working. the Start screen block jumps to else condition.

that means whenever your app is initialized a “Ready” alert is shown? No matter if the files are downloaded or not. Am I right?

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Yes definitely. Files are not downloaded as it directly jumps to Ready.

The reason of these may be because your’s download source is Airtable and that of Taifun is a web url .
And it may happen that you may be mixing up some of your blocks with that of Taifun’s tutorial. Needed to be checked

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The above single block works good in appinventor2 but not working in Kodular. The issue is with only this block. I think Kodular does support this type of situation or there may be some bug. Other blocks of mine are working fine I have already checked.

Could you suggest me another method which i may use instead of this block?

I have checked these above blocks on my side and they working perfectly well for me.

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Thanks. Now working fine. Problem is solved by clearing the cache of Kodular app.


Or this



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