TinyDB keep multiple values

I want to keep multiple values in TinyDB for display. How can i do ?


You can store different values under different keys in TinyDB. If you want multiple values under the same key, you could try storing a list of the values under the key.

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Do you have a blog example for me to see?

how many values you want to store?, all of them from text box or from something else

Collect the value from the Label. Therefore, the stored value is not limited.


First one to store the values into tinyDB as a list,

and second to to retrieve the value for tinyDB

My work has only one text box.

you can use any text box or label , it is just a sample. I am working in another project meanwhile i saw your query so constructed the block and posted.

You replace the texbox with any component. But this is the simple procedure to

I only have one text box. But I want to keep every value entered, where the previous value is not the same as the current one.

As per your query we answered… IF you want more deeper, we cont design code without seeing your blocks…

Oh, Ok Thank you guy

So if I have to take the previous value of TinyDB and plus it to the current value and show answer
Can you design code that ?

Try something like this

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I have given simple to store current value only to tinyDB…

Multiple values, need to store one by one mean need to redesign .

Better you can check up @dora_paz suggestion. That will work perfectly with multiple values.

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