Tips for new Kodular developers

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Tomorrow, I’m going to do a talk to some students from my old high school about Kodular (they are going to code an app as a school project, and they invited me).

I want to show them the amazing community that Kodular has, so I had the idea to ask you,
what tips would you give to new Kodular app developers?

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It is not easy to answer without knowledge abou them. Do they know anything about kodular or programming already or they have no idea about any of it?
How many time do you have to do this presentation?

No, they don’t have knowledge about programming (I guess).

Just share some tip that you’ve learned during your programming journey :grinning:

Mine would be: “Ask the community if you need some help”

Why did they invite you if you don’t know much about Kodular?

I think that you understood me wrong :grinning:

I do know how Kodular works, the ones that don’t know about it are the students (they are doing a school project). I’m going to explain them (a little bit) how Kodular works.

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1- Tell them before starting to get an idea of what you want to try to do
2- Talk to them not to rush (hasten) and avoid the anxiety of getting blocks ready.
3- Show them the two parts of kodular Creator - Design and Blocks
4- Explain how the tests work: through Companion and Generating APK.
5- Tell that some components don’t work in Companion.
6- Explain how to generate an apk
7- Talk about storage types (offline and online)
8- Explain the most common events and show an event happening (the easiest is the CLICK but show the Long Click)
9- Show them how to avoid block repetition - using procedures.
10- Show them that they shouldn’t put too many screens( never), but use the trick of 1 screen and several Vertical Arrangement ( visible = true and false )
11- Explain about the properties
12- Explain what extensions are
13- Show them how to use their blocks with the BAG tool
14-Teach them to back up (always at every major change in blocks -Save and Export Options)
15- Teach them to download blocks with the Download as PNG option and then drag this image into Kodular Creator.
16- Show and explain the differences between the blocks’ colors (what they represent)


Thank you very much for your answer!!!
I think that your tips will be very useful for them!


I have done the talk, and it went all quite well! :grinning:

Some of the students had already started creating some basic apps, but they didn’t know about the community!

I have shown them your answer and have explained to them how Kodular works, and I solved some questions that they had about publishing & exporting.

Thank you again for your answer!

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Glad that my answer has helped you, to help students! :+1:


Congratulations. Sorry about that the misunderstanding. I’m always telling other people to read things carefully but it looks like I didn’t follow my own advice.


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