Title Bar BUG with scrollable or rotation (UPDATED !)

The release notes say if you’re using the old one to make it show, delete it then add a new one or it wont work.

I’m using the new one. It work when i unckeck “scrollable” on the builder.

The problem is not only with old projects, the project I created tonight got the bug only 1 minute after its creation!
I only had one card and one slider in my project :frowning:

We understand your problem and I’m sure their on it

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Send me that AIA and I’ll try to debug it after I come back

I hope too :slight_smile:

EDIT : I have 3 on which it happens, but on projects where I try to reproduce the bug to see its cause, it doesn’t happen confused :confused:
I’ve forgotten to translate :sweat_smile:

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