Title Bar Transparent Color

anyone can make a clear title bar extension. because it uses a camera application and I need the icon bar for its settings. will be more professional if the title bar uses transparent


Maybe like this?

I really do not understand your question
Be clearer please

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how to do it in codular

*Kodular :kodular:

Extension (Paid)


Or you can try this:


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does the extension work for kdular?

Yes, I use it in all my apps, but I donโ€™t think it works for what you want


I want that to display images from the open cameraโ€ฆ ! is it posible ?

Does this extension work in kodular? I have this extension and in my gives an error

Why not just create your own titlebar with a transparent Arrangement?


It does not work for open camera,

What do you mean?