Titles with special characters

How do I create categories in the menu of my app with titles that have accents like “ação”, “comédia”, “inteligência”?

Where is the problem? Which Component ?

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English Please :

“I want to create a menu with words like Start, Action, Comedy and I don’t know how because it is not possible to create screens with titles like that.”

Did you try ?

I started using Kodular a short time ago and the first thing I’m trying to do is a menu and I don’t know how to make these from the images. I appreciate if you have a tutorial on how to do it.

It was just a menu test, a draft. :+1:t2:
In last image , i used :
botton navigator

Insert This blocks above in This event ( Screen Blocks )

initialize screen


So , when screen initialize , It Will create menu tabs.

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