Today Kodular update brings WEB COMPONENTS PROBLEMS!

Guys, After latest kodular update which got public today I tried exporting my already existing project (which involves web components like WEB and Web viewer). It got exported to as.apk format without error and when I installed it it was fine yet…but as I navigated to screen which haves WEB components It’s showing blank screen for few seconds and then pops a “APP KEEPS STOPPING dialobox”. Please do help me out!

I also web view components in my app. But i don’t find any issues in my app.
Tested on both Android 5 and 11.

This is my app (Api 30) : [BETA] Gamers Spot - An Esports & Community App V3.0.7

You will find Web Viewer in Games Tab/Screen.
Please test my app, if you find the same issue please let me know.

Hey i said latest Kodular Fenix update bought me problem. You just simply export your existing project once again and do install and try it, probably you may get error.

Yes i exported the app after 1.5.2 Fenix update.

You can also check the app’s target api level for confirmation.
As i mentioned :point_down::point_down:

If you still find the same issue in my app, then please let me know.

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to find out more about the crash, use logcat



Specifically, am getting error if i have WEB component in any of my screens

what about revealing, which error exactly you get?
also what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?
you might want to read how to ask a question…


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My app is working fine with Companion but crashes when I install apk and test it.