Toggle Button / Tags Group | Create simple and elegant button/tag group


Thank you
This is a very useful extension.

But, how do I unselect the tag which is selected. There is no option to reset the selection. Maybe I am missing something?


Simply click on tag again

Hi, this is a great extension! I wonder how can I select or unselect a button using a Block? Can I use somehow the “tag” id for that? Thank You!

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This extension is awesome :+1: and I’m using in my app, but I have a strange error when using website (just for analytics etc.), something happens in the code and I get an error just with this extension when creating the layout: “Input error: String 16.0dip”. It’s really unfortunate, because it’s a really useful ext I’m using.
Edit: I’m guessing the error is something to do with the default font size (which is 16), but not sure how, and changing it in blocks or design palette does nothing
Edit 2: After some testing, this error is occurring also without the enhance from, when I use the firebase auth and push notif component, but it does work normally if I don’t use those 2 mentioned comp (but they are needed for tracking preferably).
Edit 3: After a lot of testing, I’m adding this here just in case for the benefit of anyone with similar issue: there is no more error if you don’t use the push notification and firebase auth components at all, which is normally a problem if that is needed your app for tracking, but I discovered that it’s possible to Enhance ( the app still without the bug occurring :+1:, at least at the time of writing this that’s true, can’t say for future updates