Too many crashes (Report)

No just one … in screen2

Yes, i am using list view in 3 screens, but using inbuilt kodular list view component not extension.

My app crash report

My app crash report: :smiley:


I guess your app is very simple and does not contains push notification component.

Or is maybe programmed well.

My most complex app has also

In the last 60 days.


But this is true that, Kodular lacks app optimizations.
I dont blame Kodular (i :heavy_heart_exclamation: Kodular) but even an empty app is about 4 to 6 Mb.

When Kodular bring up new release previous bugs are fixed and new bugs are introduced.

There is no progress without some bugs in it. There is no such thing as 100% bug free software.

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What is the minSdkVersion (min API) of your app?

Set to the default, Android 4.0.

I have also observed crashes due to Lottie animation component.

There are a number of components that require minSdkVersion = 19 (API 19, KitCat). So why did you set the min API = 14 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

I would suggest set the minSdkVersion = 19 (API 19), releasing an internal test track and waiting to see what errors are found in the Pre-Launch report.

Mine is API 19, then why crashes are happening.

Good question, but without knowing the app, it’s hard to answer. Do you get the same error messages as @drpeterramsis2007 ?

My error message is already posted in above post

We need the details of this error …

See here:

I saw this thread at morning, and many posts related to app crash due to fatal signal 11 error, and decided to remove Lottie animation component from my app.

I have used 2 lottie animations, one as flash screen and second on login screen, but it causes crashes as per above error.

You can try to disable hardware acceleration:

    <activity android:hardwareAccelerated="false" />

Insert it into the Manifest.