Too much if blocks and get lags

after 2 topics, after 1 week searching forum and youtube, and i still dont have resolution, my app get lag, some time it crash. i’ve tried ditionary, more custome webviewer (1 to 3 , 4), but it still lags.
my app use custome webviewer, if current url is “cbcb” then direct custme webviewer to “fdf”
( i have more than 300 urls need direct to another url)439

439 blocks do nothing lags man. May be your procedure

People with more than 2k blocks feel no issue.

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What you are trying to do? What is in block show us. Let’s find any other way that’s should be avoid lag

i dont want show the final web url on my web, so i have to use if current ult is A then autmatic dicrect to B.

this my blocks

@azparts Don’t worry your project is ok but can you share apk file here so we all can test them on our devices and see if the app really lags or not .