Tres, the free UNO game without any ads!

Discover Tres

Play the famous card game for free up to 4 players available on the Google Play Store!

The rules are the same as the original UNO game and you can play with an IA if you don’t have any friends to play with. This app was created with Kodular and I used yusuf cihan’s extension Dynamic Component to create the cards.

You can level up by winning matches, and with each victory, you unlock emojis to use in chat during games.

You can also participate in tournaments with a matchmaking system and attempt to win an exclusive emoji if you rank among the top three in the tournament.

Here is what a game looks like. You can play a card by clicking on it and draw a card by clicking on the black card in the center. At any time during the game, you can check how many cards each player has by clicking on the rectangle at the top of the screen.

:fr: This app is french but you can change in the settings to switch to :uk::us:English, :es:Spanish, :it:Italian, :de:German, :portugal:Portuguese and :brazil:Brazilian.

Play Tres for free, available on the Google Play Store !