Trouble since 1.4C.4

are there made any chnages on the resourceutility ?
because since the change to 1.4C.4 I have trouble. Maybe there was a prob. ?

By the way this runs till yesterday.

This my resourcefile , with is ok checked and not changed the last 8 days.


This is a part of the block

All my setup values are stored in a SQLite database. The routine DB_GetSysVal(Sysvalue) returns the expexted Value from the database. (1) you can see in the picture ( Red 1) below that is ok.
(2) inserted by me to check if the filepath result is ok
(3) fetch the resource “_sc01_Label3”, if not found then disp the resourcename…

and this is now the result.

regards Franz

There was no change done

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Hi Mika
Ok, do you see any problem withhin the block ?

Where is the json file?
Assets? External path?
Is it a companion build?

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The resource file is in an externalpath therefore ( Get String From Path ! ).
I prefer resource files per language, so subfolders for each individual language. This is not your example, but I personally find individual language files easier to maintain.
So there is a directory in Android
application name / languages / Sprache {de | en | fr | …} / strings.json
The most important thing is that it was still possible some days ago

use Do it to debug your blocks…
also what is hidden inside the if statement?

are you sure, the blocks in the if statement are executed?


This part is hopefully not relevant.

And yes I’m sure the part will be done.
Maybe there is a prob here

but the prob is not SQLite its seems i Have a problem with the resource

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so what about


Hi we can close this problem. As always, the cause is the topicality of the SQL database and the assets.

and as always, Do it helps you to debug your blocks and to find out, what works and what not

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