Trouble with directories

Hello what did I wrong ?

I expected the String “Zurück” but get “not found”

Object is component ? Post a screenshot of how object is set

Its a local variable


But if you see in the dictionary the key is \ so you are missing \n_

Yes I know, but I don’t know where is this \n coming from
See the loading from a textfile to dictionary with notifier to see the values.




You must show us how did you add values in the global app settings

Is textfile multiline ? Try to replace all \n in textfile with an empty string

This ist the statement between the notification 2 and 1

but as you can see all this control tokens are deleted before store it to dictionary.

Check global strbuffer

Try to do Do it on all the global variable

I believe the problem is caused by CRLF . A working example

Or you can create json like this

Hi Dora,
many thx or the examples to get this managed.
but I would like to find out what the problem is with this source. When saving the values you can see (3 d_key) that the value is written into the dictonary without \n. Some circumstance must now be the cause that these characters are prefixed.