Trying To Claculate The Lable Value 0.00000000 + 0.00000001 (Output in 1E-8)

Since yesterday I am trying to do some 8 decimal match but not receiving normal output?

Lable Value = 0.0000000

I want to calculate the label value with 0.00000001 (0.00000000+0.00000001) when the button clicked

So The Output Must be

1st Click (0.00000000+0.00000001=0.00000001)
2nd Click (0.00000001+0.00000001=0.00000002)
3rd Click (0.00000002+0.00000001=0.00000003)

But instead of showing this value it showing the output like (1E-8,2E-8,3E-8)

please help me with this. waiting for response

Try this


Normally the result will be before the β€œE,” and then after it will tell you how many decimal places the result is. In your case, β€œ0.00000006” is 8 decimal places from 0, which is why you get β€œ6E-8.” @dora_paz’s recommendation is the best possible in this scenario!


Thank You Sooooo Much. it’s worked


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