Trying to retrieve values added in airtable

Hello, trying to retrieve 2 values from 2 columns from airtable , but i got the same value in both place am i missing something ?

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 10.02.42 PM

According to your blocks you set text to both label is get values (which is received from spreadsheet column) and spreadsheet 1 value is 6100 when you call value first time. But you recall the value from another column hence your value become change and then you show your values to your labels.

End of the answer your blocks is wrong . Refer some airtable related videos to understand how to call values and don’t leave the cell empty as you shown in your screenshot .

Click here for video
Or if you want a hindi language video than dm me I can’t post hindi video here.

I did it in another way my friend and its working now but i still have an issue that when i change the value in airtable and click refresh it always show the first digit so i should do more refresh to show the whole digit check the screen

@dalank You dont need two SpredSheet Components Just use this method.

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