Trying to use ftp component + a outside app (AndExplorer) + (activity-starter component) to upload zip. files via ftp to my "website"

I’m using the tutorial in this website of MIT App inventor (Using the Activity Starter (App Inventor 2)) to upload files via ftp

The part it shows how to use another app (
Here’s an example that illustrates using a third-party application: To start AndExplorer to pick a file, use an ActivityStarter )

This are the blocks informations to use on activity starter
Action: android.intent.action.PICK dataType: dataURI: file:///sdcard

using the blocks below i get an error to upload a file via ftp (i’m trying to upload images in this case)

after that i tried using an image picker component to pick an image and upload into ftp.
so i get another error this time trying to connect via ftp in a free “service” that allows to create free websites and use ftp


if anyone can help i apreciate.

I do not believe that that method for andExplorer works any more. I contacted the developers but received no response. Suggest you use a file extension instead:

File Extension is an extension related to the File component, by Taifun

FileTools Extension by vknow360

Check Return what you get in file uri using notification component.

Thank you. I’m gonna check the extension.

Thank you very much. I’m gonna look into it.