Twitter like login screen, registration screen and intro screen desgin

Twitter like login screen, registration screen and intro screen design
First time i published the recorded video tutorial so please give your feedback, i not have an experience to record the video on pc.

Tutorial Videos:
Part 1 tutorial video || Intro screen

Part 2 tutorial video || Login screen

Part 3 tutorial video || Registration screen

The intention of this tutorial is only UI design like twitter

Apk file:
Twiter.apk (5.3 MB)

Aia file:
Twiter.aia (418.4 KB)
you can download both apk file as well as Aia file from the Aia store app. in this app you will get interested Aia like like E-commerce, Youtube, Neumorphic design, dream 11 like app listview, ect.

AiaStore Version 3.apk (7.7 MB)


Nice Ui design

Thank you very much

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Guides include much more than some videos.

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Provide bloks screenshot and explain this is not a guide just promoting video

This could be useful to me at some point.

Good work. Keep it up

Great work. Original made honestly with you your effort. No copies …

hey, first you go and take the effort of watching the video i am not promoting my videos. first up all for ads, channel required 1k sub. and i don’t have. in video all things are explained you cant say its not helpful. how other people help this tutorial video.and read the description of this category. you can add your tutorial videos here.

Thank you so much

Awesome design great , you are super talented.

Hi how are u , what program u use for testing u app? i create design from figma and i screenshot my design and i upload image from kodular and i open my design and its showing very bad :cry::cry:

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I also sometimes use figma, to get overall Idea of my UI. And try to create similar UI in kodular using its components.

Using image isn’t a good idea :slightly_smiling_face: