Two Buttons calling the same web1


I have two buttons (one selects the “NEWS FOR TODAY” while the other selects the "NEWS FOR THE LAST 7 DAYS" that call the same web1 each calling a different PHP file.

Yet for some reason, most (the images only) are being returned and not the data.

Do I need to make a web1 and a web2 or what am I doing wrong.

On-Screen Initializing both PHP files work when I run them individually.

Any help appreciated.


I don’t completely understand what you are trying to say. If you have problem with data not fetching or you can’t separate data fetched with separate buttons?

Your tiny db tag is same for both button for making url just change them this could be problem not sure


No, that part is correct. The Tiny DB tag is for a common municipality name in both instances.



The one button calls TODAYS NEWS as in curdate()

The other button calls for the LAST 7 DAYS.


Ok can you tell more so we can better understand

Sorry I cant, Ive said it all with pictures


Friend. What we see are 2 identical URLs.
Why are your scripts returning only images and not data?
Maybe,Error in your scripts…
Theoretically, each URL should point to a script.
Or send a different parameter so that within the script you define what you want to return via Json.