Ultra Premium : A suggestion to Kodular Team

Ultra Premium = Premium + AdMob with Bidding feature
Price = $ 3-5 per Apps

Hi Kodular Team

As you know AdMob has improved a lot over time, now it has no Ad Limit Problems, and the eCPM and fill rate has also improved a lot. Indirectly AdMob with a bidding feature is the best way to earn as a developer right now.

Here are a few points to support my statement.

  1. As a developer out of 10 apps we create only 1-2 apps that generate our revenue, the rest of every app is for test features only.

  2. Google Ad Manager is not good even worst than Facebook Audience Manager let AdMob be a side.

  3. As a developer we all are here to earn, and AdMob with Bidding is the best way any developer can earn maximum.
    (If I earn $ 50 a month from my app, I have absolutely no problem paying $5 to Kodular)

  4. Why Run for Commission when you can earn from a Subscription. (I think Subscription Model will shoot more to Kodular than Commission from Showing ads vis Google Ad Manager ) This way you can focus more on developing Kodular into a better platform rather than focusing on handling different apps of developers or Google Ad Manger.

I hope Kodular Team will find my suggession usefull.


Then I want premium ultra pro max version :joy:

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Why dont you buy extension

No approval needed

The problem with extensions is that there is no guarantee they will be updated when they need to be. Of course there is no guarantee with Kodular updating AdMob components if they were re-added, but there is a higher chance of that as not updating them will affect future revenue.

Not sure about others but i will provide

Most people will update their extensions, but what if you’re ill? What if you become so rich you don’t need to do this sort of thing? What if you’re busy with other work and life? And so on.

I’m sure you mean well, and you will update the extension when it needs it, but things can happen in life. With a Kodular component it is more likely to be updated when it’s a source of revenue for them.


And what happens when this platform is closed (for whatever reason - like e.g. AppyBuilder, …)? It doesn’t even seem that improbable to me considering the increasing number of bugs and inconsistencies.

So look around for alternative platforms in good time to be prepared in case of an emergency…

That being said, there are hundreds of excellent extension developers who would certainly be able and willing to rebuild and/or update obsolete extensions.

Your point is irrelevant. If the platform closes then the extensions will be useless. You need the platform to be operative for extensions to work.

Just the way i do

Perhaps I had to prepare for Final offline exams at that time, also i discontinued it due to Kodular Sdk conflicts :slight_smile:

And even now i dont make aixs,

you can see all aixs posted by me are already posted 4-5months ago on Ai2

PS : support for paid and free aixs is different, u know that there are people who purchase aixs and if u dont reply, it wouldnt be a surprise for ya to see posts in forum that state you scammed him :joy:

Why and to what extent?

You need “a” platform to be operative for extensions to work.
And there are many others.

So now can you solve?

Open source exists for a reason and so do the contributing devs

PS : NVM, forgot that was a paid extension :skull:. My bad.

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