Un-squash SurfaceView

I’m making an app that I’m using in split-screen mode, and the SurfaceView is the main component. It ends up being squashed. How should I change the properties so there’s a border instead of it being squashed?

Can you post a screenshot and show what you mean by squashed.

How you set the width and height of the surfaceview? In percentages or in pixels?

And you have put it in something? An arrangement or so? How is this set?

Is there a way to get the whole screen size when in a split screen? I think I could easily do that by using some code.

What if you use percentages instead of fill parent. Never tried to work with splitscreen. I can see that in some of my apps you also get the squashed effect. Not in my app that just uses a webviewer and a sidemenu.

You should test and see what happens and please let us now what you find.

Here’s my findings:

  • 100% by 100% doesn’t work
  • If I have 50% height and 100% width, on half-half this works.
  • I have to custom-make this for every new arrangement.
  • The screen.Width and screen.Height are the split-screen size, not the total screen size.

I’m going to make this in the IWant category instead.

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