Unable to compile app!

I just wanted to compile my project and build APK file but it shows this log:-

Can anyone tell me that why is this error happening?

You have a popupmenu? Maybe show your blocks.

Here are the blocks of PopUpMenu:-

You have an option that doesn’t exist in the list namely “hide search”. Maybe that is causing it.

And all those “if then” aren’t the best programming. :wink:

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It will be added according to condition.

Can you suggest an alternative?:hugs:

At least a if then else would be better.

Never used a popup menu so don’t know if you make it that way. I guess if you remove the component the baking works?

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Thanks @Peter.
That worked.
But I need a options menu.
So now I am using options menu and it is showing this error:-

I know you need it but something doesn’t work right. Other direction.How many blocks do you have and are you using large assets? A big image for an icon, etc.

It compiled without options menu.
I have only 425 blocks.

I have only one asset and that is app icon.

Can you pm me the aia?

I could compile it without any error messages.

Try if it works for you



I also did that.
But after opening app on KitKat it shows this runtime error:-