Unable to compile the project, stuck at "Compiling source files"

The Error code was this

I tried deleting all the extensions and refreshing the browser but of no use.
Any one consider helping me. :sweat:

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First search the forum. There are plenty of topics about that. If you find nothing give more info about you app.

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There can be number of things that shows this error, for the moment I’m not able to list all of them, so the easiest thing is to share your aia

Or you can search for AAPT

Edit: File deleted by Mod

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Check your PM

This was the reason

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How this happens to so many people? This never happened to me.

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If I’m not trying to do some funky stuff with the aia then that doesn’t happen to me either however, I’m able to reproduce this but I feel that is awkward way of doing it

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So you have to manipulate the aia outside of kodular for this to happen. It can’t be for imported extensions and after delete them.

In a way yes and no, depends!!!

I guess this error comes when using one (or more) of Deephost extensions, because his some extensions modifies the manifest. Because all corrupted AIAs which I saw always contains one of his extensions.

Like “Default Browser”, “App Shortcuts” etc.

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