Unable To Export my Project

Hi Koders,

I m unable to expert my new project, even tried to removed unused componenets.

Here’s the Error log :


What is the title of your icon?

I have not added any icon yet to the app

Try to add one and then try

Do you have any errors? Probably it is not showing clearly at the error log (because Failed to add /tmp/1557488050387_0.23342968614333948-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/tmp/classes3.dex can be caused by many things)

I m using a lot of blocks and I already deleted some of the last changes I made

Can i PM u my Blocks :question:

Same here.
I got in one project the same error and on a other one a other error, and i cannot download my aia file also.

Can you share the AIA? Or send me in private
This error might be related with our Compiler


i would if i could but i cannot download a AIA file nothing happend if you click on download aia to my pc.

This error was caused by this:


can’t it be fixed without removing the extension ?

I don’t think so, sorry


All things work now again for me, than it should work for you also, I hope it for you.

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