Unable to fetch data from firebase

Hello guys , I need your help .I am currently working on dynamic educational app and I am facing some issues related to firebase . I made a screen in which I took some card views for selection semester subjects.

Like this .Then I made a logic here that was when someone clicked on any card view then a vertical arrangement got true and in that vertical arrangement I took a list view where I called data from firebase .

Like this .

And this is my firebase database

In databse , drive link is my pdf link that I want to open when someone clicked on listview elements and this is my issue where I need your help.I am not understanding that how could I open that drive link when click on list view element.I only found the tag which is in my bt101 taglist, but not able to open that drive link.

Please help me guys…

More logical question is arising.

In your database the word ending as bt101 only will act as a tag and reamining things will act as values and need to separate it as using select list from list block. But we cound not find any logic here

Try this

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But here when I add some other tags in bt101 bucket then how will I open other tags drive link .

Like this

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Follow the method as suggested by @dora_paz . It will work. But remove the block, get tag list, if you follow the second method

But I want to do this dynamically and I want to open that drive link in vertical arrangement or any other screen through webviewer. Drive link is a link of my pdf that I uploaded on drive.

Dynamically meaning ? With the follow blocks when button bt101 click , data received from firebase and when list view clicked webviewer opens pdf. In my example subtitle is google drive’s link

Then how shall I get pdf names in list view. Tags is my pdf names

Bt101 will act as a bucket .

You are master in this coding, but In my experience if we use get tag list and Firebase got value block altogether app sometime struggle to read the value. If I do not mingle them app responds nicely. If the above code works without problems mean , really welldone.

But if it finds any problem,(I hope it won’t happen) then it would be because of that

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Ok I will try this . Dynamically means let’s suppose I launched my app with this blocks code. now i want to add some more books in my bt 101 bucket then i will need to do the same “get tag = thing” again and will need to push a update in app to add some more books. but I want to did this thing dynamically means when I add new tag to my bt101 bucketof firebase, it should be automatically added to list view.

This is how i will work in simple, and works nicely in my app. Dont mistake me…

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

if i click label 1 it shows ABC.COM
If i click label2 it shows DEF.COM
If i click lable 3 it shows GHI.COM
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Ya It’s right but if I did this in my app then how Shall I get tags name in my list view that is also my pdf names.

This .

Now I want when someone click on that element of list view, pdfs should be opened in web viewer whose pdf link has given in that tags value in firebase

asking at me or dora kodular? …

Because both of them are approaching in a different view but result will be same. :grinning:

please use the aia file attached herewith, and if it doesn’t work please tell me.

working_area (1).aia (14.2 KB)

Update: I forget to mention about if user back pressed . Please assign rule also for that, if not app will get confused

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