Unable to get value from baserow

Its not working. Cannot get data from baserow

Temporarily add a label and set label’s text to get values. Do you get any ?

Getting only this error

No, i tried already

Are you using latest version of companion 1.5.4?

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I am using companion beta 1.5.3, but not get update for .4

Download it from here

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Thanks for companion latest version but i also tried with apk but same error same problem

Which version of the extension do you use ?

Latest version of basrow 4.1

Can not tell what the issue is , maybe provide a test aia so someone can check it

Wait for i test with new project & new aia then I got my problems​:smiley:

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I tested its working on another project. I think this problem come because of this error.I don’t know about this error please tell me why it happened

Post a screenshot of your blocks. Do you use an extension to add border some where ?

Look all used extension

Click this part and post new ss


Red line extension isn’t use in this screen

What is the exact error you are getting??

Thanks my problem is solved, there is no error in baserow but in gredient view extension.

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