Unable to open pdf file from asd through activity starter after fenix update

You can try editing your Manifest with APK Editor. Example: your.package.name.provider


Thank you, It is working now.
But what about new apps after 1st aug?
kodular should fix this.

Kodular Team should fix this

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Try using


I strongly suggest you to try this(file://). and let me know if you can open file from asd after installing apk through activity starter.

What do you think about yourself ? A professional ! if yes then you are wrong ! :warning:

And you want to call from app specific directory ?

and this so want so you must go through this

What do you think of yourself ? you didn’t read thread and randomly replied try using file:// .
Now you are posting link, as if other person doesn’t know about it.
Open the link you posted, last reply is about this only.
File:// doesn’t work, try it yourself.

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And also one thing I have just written Try I am not forcing you to do so you must realise that you are wrong

I need help of Moderator please help @Peter @dora_paz this person @Lollipop Don’t know how to talk :pray::pray::pray:

You should also understand this if you saying try using file:// then there is high chance that this method works for you and you want me to try this because it will fix the issue.
Then, I replied suggesting to try this and let me know if this work or not because this does not work for me. For that you started replying mean comments.

Just Tell me which android version are you using

I have two device android 10 and 11, issue is with both.

Ok what are you trying to do ? Means getting which type of file’s

I have tried with pdf, but i believe issue will happen with any type of file, .png, .jpg

Ok wait for some time I will share an apk ol till than please wait :pray:

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This issue is also posted on stackoverflow and someone above suggested this and app worked fine after this.

What has to do with it? I think nothing.

Yes, of course.

Before fenix update

after fenix update

if we remove, io.kodular then app works fine.

After 1st Aug, publishing format will be aab for new apps, and i dont think we can edit aab.
It will crash for new apps and this solution will not work.