Unable to paste Airtable API key


I have been trying for ages to paste the API key and BaseID into the Airtable extension in the properties panel but nothing I have tried has worked.

According to the docs, it should work

:exclamation: You can now copy/cut and paste components in the same screen, and from one screen to another , and even between projects !
Check the UI Changes, Point 3, for more information

I have been trying and trying to no avail to paste anything into the Properties section of the builder.

ctrl + P does not work nor does right-click or double click within the properties box

Please can anyone explain to me how I can paste the API key and Base ID or any sort of text into the Properties section of the builder as I am dyslexic and trying to type the API key, well I always make a mistake and it can take me 10 tried before I can get it right.
Being able to paste into the Properties section of the builder would save me so much time.
I have seen so many videos of people that can do this without a problem so I am very confused as to why it does not work for me.

I am using Google Chrome

Any help very much appreciated
Thank you

Ctrl c = Copy, Ctrl v = paste


Thank you

I have tried that and it did not work
I tried 5 times to make sure but no it does not paste into the properties section.

Anything else I can try please.

Can you share a few screenshots or a screengrab of you attempting to paste?

Also, are you able to paste the ID into other areas of the Creator, say the search bar in the palette?

I just tried pasting on Chrome, and Ctrl + V worked fine for me. However, right-clicking the textbox doesn’t seem to show the context menu, so that’s something for us to take a look at.

Have you tried pasting the text (either with the shortcut or with the context menu) in a different textbox within the Creator? (eg: component search textbox)

You Desktop looks overfull like a christmas tree. Maybe you should close some programs and tabs. Or better restart windows and try again.

That shouldn’t be the cause of the problem, though. If the OP is able to paste in other websites, then it’s definitely something wrong with the Creator :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you both of you

First Vishwas I have tried everything I have even tried to past on Opera and on Brave but it did not work with ctrl + c and ctrl + v

Django - I am on a mac and it is not slow at all I normally have a lot more when I am working on something. 16GB ram it helps Activity Monitor says I am not using much CPU or Ram.
I did try restart my Mac it did not help, I am still unable to paste in ANY browser.
I have tried closing most of my tabs and trying again
No joy.
I have been copying and Pasting for like 20 years or so this is not something new to me so I am truly astounded that I can not get it to work.

And yes no menu has ever shown up for me in the properties if i use a right click or double click but I had read it was supposed to show up.

Any other ideas please as I would love to be able to paste some API are very long and then Trying to paste text to the About section does not work either.

Thank you very much for all you help so far.

Edit: Yes I can copy and paste in every other site I use or try without a problem it is just the Creator but why does it work for some people and not for me ???

Ok I have just tried to copy and paste to AppyBuilder and App Inventor without success
I can copy and paste to google, my SpanishDict site and many more but not any of the platforms.
I have checked to see if any of my browser extensions are causing problems but no there is nothing.
I downloaded Vivaldi browser and tried again with 0 plugins and a brand new install and this did not work either.
It seems I am just unlucky and will have to type it all out by hand.

Thank you

Can confirm. It seems to happen only on text input and not on textarea.
We’ll look into it.

In the meantime, there’s a hacky way of getting things done @bertiectozer

  1. Hit Ctrl + Shift + I and select the mouse pointer in the top-left

  2. Click on the textbox

  3. You should see something like this (make sure the “input” tag is selected)

  4. Switch to the “console” tab in the top

  5. Enter this code
    $0.value = "YOUR_API_KEY"
    Hit enter.

  6. Your key should show up in the text box.

  7. Click on the textbox. Type a character and remove it. Hit enter. Click away from the text-box.

  8. Hit Ctrl + Shift + I again to close the console.
    Hope this helps

Or maybe downloading the AIA and changing the designer properties by changing Screen files and uploading to the Creator back is much easier. :thinking:,

Or maybe you should add property editor to Unchive :grin:

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Ok thank you
I have tried ctrl + Shift + I and it does nothing on any site I have tried it on ???

@yusufcihan Please can you explain more

Could you please try pasting (ctrl + v) using the Mac’s built-in virtual keyboard?
It’s strange that clicking ctrl + shift + i doesn’t bring up the devtools on Chrome. Perhaps your ctrl key may not be working?

Edit: It’s Ctrl + Option + I on Mac, not Ctrl + Shift + I

You mean ctrl + cmd + I does not do anything
ctrl + alt + I brings up the import window.

Now with the virtual keyboard…

Has no effect at all I tried to paste, tried all the combinations of ctrl + I

tried on Chrome and Opera

Still can not get it to work

Google says Command + Option + I in the Chrome docs. Not Ctrl + Option + I, sorry :sweat_smile:

Cmd + Alt + J brings up the dev tools but I am lost from there

I do not get the part 2. of your instructions and have no idea where the About section is in the code of the page I tried to look for it but my brain just garbles it.

(trying to add text to the about section to test instead of using the API key

This is not so easy for me.

  1. Export your app as .aia

  2. Open .aia as archive file. (You can use 7Zip etc)

  3. After opened .aia, follow this path.

    • src/io/kodular/<yourname>/<appname>/
  4. You will see some files which contains your screen files.

  5. Get the .scm file.

  6. Open the file with your favourite text editor and find Airtable component in the JSON, and enter your API key by editing the value.
    For example this is how Button component’s properties looks.

  7. Save the file and replace the edited file with original file. (You can create a new .aia file manually or you can use archive manager’s own feature)

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I will just type it by had it is a lot less hassel

I found the About ection in the Google Dev Tools with cmd + alt + j but I have no idea how to edit it or where to edit it.

@yusufcihan. thank you very much for your expination but I found that even harder to understand.

I will stick to typing it out by had however many times I have to do it.

Thank you for all your help

Perhaps you could access the Creator from your phone and try pasting with it? :thinking:

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