Unable to publish app to Play Store with API 29

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I have created an app that needs to send push notifications to its users, so I used the Push notification component.

I saw in the community that the set subscription block is not working in the android API 30, so I changed the API to 29 (using APK Editor Studio) and it is working fine.

Now, my problem is that I can’t publish it to the Play Store because they only accept new apps using API 30.

So, my question is, what can I do?

Is it possible to send push notifications to all users, even if they’re not subscribed? What do you recommend?

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You can’t send push notifications without their permission.! Yes But You can make a system to automatically allow all the push notification permissions.

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Thanks for your answer!
Well, I finally decided to create another application that works like a bridge: it installs the app from the internet and, this way, it can use API 29.

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