Unable to save data?

whenever i save my coading in kodular it shows data saved but after some time when i open that project it starts from initial…what should i do now…please suggest any solution

Possible solutions :

  1. Use a faster internet connection
  2. Clear browser cache

how many screens does your project have? how many blocks for each screen?

only 1 screen and 3500 blocks

how many components, i.e. labels, textboxes, arrangements etc. are you using in that screen?

I already mentioned this issue lot of time
Actually that dialog “Data Saved” is not real everytime

First of all there is no need to save manually because it will save automatically, and this automatic save frequency is also quite high, according to my little research it saves around 30-40 times in a minute whenever I am connected to companion and my project is big.

This is what I do =
Click Save button 2 times. First time only that popup dialog will be shown but in reality it doesn’t save anything (most of the time). Then click save button 2nd time and then it will start saving the project.
I am using internet speed meter which tells me when uploading & downloading is started and when it stopped, it also tells me how much data is used by which app for uploading & downloading
This internet speed meter tells me when saving is started and when it’s not, so you can also use one

If somehow your internet connection stopped working in the middle of the saving process, it will show error popup something like “Some of the data is not saved” after this manual saving will not work at all. So just wait for 5-6 minutes and wait for it to save automatically (I faced this issue in big projects)

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