Unable to scroll while using arrangements as clickable

There is a problem when arrangements are used and set them to clickable.

When clickable arrangements are taken in vertical scroll arrangement and when trying to scroll page the clickable action is happens as soon as tapped on clickable arrangement.

The page should be scrolled when trying to scroll but rather than the clickable event is happening. Fix this.

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Please prepare a short example apk and aia that we can test it.
We developers have not the time to do it for every case.

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This is not a makeroid problem it’s just your code wrong… Even in android studio something like that won’t work because to scroll you first need to click

Here tapped means clicked. It is happening when clicking and trying to scroll

What I’m trying to say is that a scrollable arrangement needs to be clicked first in order to scroll but since it’s clicckable it first get the click input. There is no way you can make a cliccable arrangement cliccable and btw why do you need that? if you explain maybe we can find another way

Now problem has solved by using clickable image in arrangement and it is working fine.

Happy for you

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