Unable to upload aab file on playstore

There is a update in a corner wait for sometime, there is Big Update For API 30. Every user should know about it, Before creating new topics

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I was publishing New app

Wait for update

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new and with handly changed api number from 29 to 30 ?

Can you help me with App signing?

I closed and unlist this. This was asked before.

Guys no offence but none of you gave him the proper answer…


How will an update help him with a keystore issue???

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No, new apps should be in the form of an aab and with API 30 aka Android 11.

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I asked him if he is publishing new app or update.
He answered he is publishing new app.
New App can’t be published now because kodular is still not targeting SDK 30

Can you please help me upload my app?

Someone please help me with my problem

This is the problem. PLEASE HELP

ok, but how i can publish my apk in google play market without handly changes, disassemble and assemble after changes. Decision is only wait for kodular update i think?

It has some issues with certificates. The SHA1 certificate on my developer account is different from that of Kodular account

This question doesn’t bring sense

Where is it? or just saying