Unfortunately apk file has stopped

I finished my first app and downloaded it as apk on my phone to test it and it worked
But the problem is it working for short time then it suddenly stopped and give me a message (unfortunately your app has stopped or / isn’t responding do you want to close it )
I have searched for this topic and i never find it …
So if some one can help me i will be appreciate …

Hello @Mahmoud_El_Shahed!
We need some more information about your app to be able to help you solve your problem.
First of all, please have a look:

Tell us what your app is about and what’s happening at Screen.Initialize block.

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I am sorry for this mistake about asking my question … I will take care next time
It’s an educational app … at screen initialize i have 1 block it takes me to menu screen
(another screen)
ِِAt menu screen i have 4 block for 4 buttons , every button open another screen
The problem occurs here when entering and exiting several times using these buttons the app is crash …
And am sorry for my language …

Don’t worry.
Can you show us blocks how you’re switching screens?

Sure .
Just minutes please