Unity ads not showing even after uploading in playstore

I upload my app to the play store, today is day 7 after uploading in play store it’s not showing any ads.

ya, i test it in test mode it’s working fine.
Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11

If your app is not showing ads then how you earn 0.02$ from ads as shown in screenshot.

I also can not understand. I use another android phone and install my app from the play store but not showing

This may be because at that time when you install app there is no ad to show.

Do more analysis of your app in unity account about impressions and requests your app received.

I re-install the just 1 hr ago…I got 0.02 USD on 12/12/2020

I try Unity ads but Unity ads show very less to user
That’s why I never use. I only use admob and Facebook ads

But facebook SDK is not update… In My new app Facebook ads are not showing

You can use Admob.

I am using admob… from 2 years …but now i am facing problem with admob… many of my apps has been ads limit.

I know SDK is not updated I used Facebook ads first time when I don’t about sdk is not updated I get 1 lakhs + request and but I didn’t any revenue :joy: my first app get too many user in 2 days I can’t believe it but ads didn’t show :no_mouth:

Unity ads may not showing because your app didn’t have sufficient amount of daily active users.

If you app have sufficient daily active users then this limit will automatically disable.

Don’t know how to earn this days… Less income last month also so less.

Edit: now again I am using admob after my 4th account disabled and 5th account is running correctly :joy:

No its becouse when my app open welcome page is lode then home page there I show a button to goto main page … in that button i saw just 1 admob interstitial AD. Just becouse of that .

Then, just remove it and directly show main page. Add interstitial ad in other button on main page.

Yes i remove the ad. and also i delete the ad ID. after 20 days its solve. 1 app Id was effecting my hole admob.

All 5 I’d you created with your own name??

Use facebook ads but anyone know when sfk will update to 6.2

Ya , when the Kodular will launch their new update then facebook SDK will also get update.

Waiting for that my apo gets lakh plus request but no ads :no_mouth: