Unity Test ads not working

Unity test ads not working. I am getting a message saying I need approval from Kodular. I thought the approval was only for AdMob, which for now, I am not using. Please help! How do I fix this?

You should search first in the community

Of Course I did, nothing popped up like that that is why I put the question here. Maybe you can post the link here if the solution marked question is out there which I missed.

You have to take approval for all monetization components not just for admob.
After taking approval yoi can use any ad network.
@Mika the title ’ Admob approval system ’ is sometimes misleading.
This can be ’ Ads approval system ’

Are you sure that you did not find anything?

Thanks for the heads up but that applies to test ads too? Also, it says if I am publishing or if the app is already published on play store I do not need approval but how do I start getting ads? As in the apk, I cannot get rid of the “need approval” message and I do intent to publish the app but not without the ads working correctly.

If you want to get rid of that message than you have to publish your app to Play Store and download app from there.
Apk file will show that message until you take approval.