Unknown error while compiling. Java Message

Hi, I don’t know what is going on, my code is fine, it worked perfectly, until I removed the AdMob Banner. When I compile again. only the SplashScreen comes out and stays there, in the mobile I get an error screen which is as follows:


In Screen1 something is missing from designer’s properties, check if About Screen Title is empty or go through that long list in Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

I checked each of the properties, and everything is the same as before, when it worked fine.

Do you wish to post or pm me your aia to check it ?

Thanks Dora. filling in the “About screen” and “About screen title” fields solved it. And that was not needed before, because it was always empty, it is a problem with the latest version of Kodular.

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Glad that problem solved :slight_smile:

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