UnKnown Runtime Error 🤔 can't Understand

Here i a Runtime Error that i had never got before and also can’t understand the error

every time the value after proxy@ Is Changed

i found this in statckover and just now remembering here i was loading intersitial and also showing a Progress Notifier while loading and displaying the intersitial But now what i have to do :question:

May i remove the dialogue


But then i had to again load this data

My app just have 2 Screens

Make sure if you dont need a second screen.
Use layouts.

i m already using 6 layouts instead of 8 Screens in App

Also the next screen succesfully Opening

Read this topic again please:

If you dont switch screens correct (open or close screens) then you will see the error that you see current…

(Here is Luciano from Brazil)
I have this error too,
in my code it was caused by PROGRESS NOTIFIER
after I return to previous screen …
I solved disableing this codeblock and the error went away