Unused Variables

good morning
I wanted to know if there is a tool that can delete the unused variables of a project so as to clean up.
Thank you

Delete one of them in block section and check the errors. If there is no errors then it means you dont need it. If you see an error then undo it by ctrl+z move to the next one.

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If you are meaning initialised global variable then there is no such procedure. Else try to delete one by one.upon deleting if the red error count shows nothing then the variable is no more use just delete it,else showing more error counts then it is linked. So just undo the process (ctrl+z)

If it shows only one, click the show error and check the yellow bar. If it is needed place undo the process else delete the not used variable

Thank you
an automatism would have been better than deleting the unused variables one by one.
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