[UPDATE - 1.3] Chatting Assistant - Pickuplines in Hind

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #1

Pickup Lines in hindi

  • Shayari & Motivation lines
  • Wakeup lines
  • Funny lines & Jokes
  • Enhanced UI
  • Easy to use
  • In Hindi :india:

Do Download it and say me If any problems arise.


Can you share some screenshots here?

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #3

Can anyone talk about the speech component in my app ?? Is that speech funny ? :joy::joy::joy:

(Nathan) #4

Yes it’s not. Share some screenshots.

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #5

Here, there is a new update… This app is now available in US and UAE and some more…

Try it out and I’m waiting for suggestions…koders

(Flavio Benino) #6

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why you think he is an thief

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #8

There is a new update in the app go check out…

Link to the app in first post.

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #9

New Update :

Check it out Now …

Cheers !

(Flavio Benino) #10

Piezz e lot!