Update Airtable Row number to your respective

Hello great Koders, I have tried to search the related problem I have but unfortunately I got a solution which the solved problem didn’t show how they solved it even the one who was able to solve it didn’t lets us know how he managed to solve it.

So, please help me in advance.

I have create the app that calls data from Airtable and I want to update the title name but in oder to do that I have to call the Row Number so I have tried to call it but I don’t get it correctly.

Please I need your advanced help.

I didn’t get your question.Please check out format for asking question below .

Try with set cell instead of update row by number

Sorry @Aviral_R there is no need for you to understand my question if you didn’t understand even the images I used!

show blocks please.


and check the value of global row id with do it !

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Ok @himalayanxtiger let me try

Sorry to disappoint you but I totally understand the image that you posted.

And if it helps try this :
Do this in ColinTreeListView1 block

blocks - 2020-05-31T154951.820

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Hello great Koders, I want to thank @himalayanxtiger and @Aviral_R for their good support from their reply to my post I have managed to solve this issue on how to Update Airtable Row Number to my respective.

This is how I solved it.
See the blocks here.

Thanks to all the community :handshake: :love_letter:

BTW did you get what mistake were you doing ?

In Air Table it is not necessary that Row ID and Row Number both are same in every case.

Also I have got suggestion you need not to use .Got Cell Multiple times you can use switch concept. To make your code simple and more effective

Like below
Screenshot (395)

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Sure @Aviral_R I appreciate

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