Update multiple IDs to Airtable as a linked field value

Hello everybody, I’m new here in the community, even though I’ve been playing with Kodular for a while (yes, it’s amazing :grin:).

I’m using the set cell component to update an Airtable cell value.
I have an issue with linked cells: in Airtable you can set a cell to be a list of records from other tables. In the cell a list of IDs is stored like [“recfwj3782y2hfi2ru0”,“rexc2938ruiqfhoqur83”,etc].
Everything works fine when I upload a single ID. I have no idea of how to upload multiple IDs.

I tried to use a text formatted like this [“recfwj3782y2hfi2ru0”,“rexc2938ruiqfhoqur83”,etc] but it is not working.

Can anybody help me? :pray:
Thank you in advance,

Be more specified + upload pictures since without nobody can help you.


Sure, I have this table (it is a user table with a linked field “friends”)

And I want to update the field friends of a single row with this 2 methods (first with just one ID, second with 2 IDs as “value”):

The first one works, while the second doesn’t.

Have you tried using the “make a list” block?


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I think that’s the issue, you have to make a list


Thank you but the list tip didn’t help.

I managed to make it work anyway, just by feeding the Set Cell block with a text.
The text must be the entire set of IDs, separated by a comma, without any “”, like this:

I think it might be useful to add this in the documentation of the Spreadsheet block.
Thanks anyway!

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