Update Row running only once

I’m building a QR Code based Students Attendance App, in which I wish to mark a student present in a spreadsheet by Scanning his/her QR Code.

The App runs fine but only once, for the first time/ :frowning:

Plz suggest the needful…

You forgot to explain what you expect to happen and what happens instead…

You probably should initialize your spreadsheet to set all students to “not present” before starting to scan

Also it might be a good idea to switch screens correctly…


I wish to record attendance in continuation, one after the other, without switching the screens.

The date column for all the Students is initially kept blank, so when the first QR Code is scanned using the App, it updates the Spreadsheets successfully, no matter which Student’s QR Code I scan, but after that, upon scanning another Code, the App does nothing…

Debug your blocks… for example

  1. in the AfterScanning event display the name in a label
  2. in the GotColumn event display the row number you plan to update in a label


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Just did what you suggested, the After Scan block returns the Name of the Student whose QR Code is Scanned, but the Got Column block doesn’t update the index, the index remains the same as of the first scanned Student’s QR Code…

Hi, I just figured it out, while debugging, thanks :slight_smile:

But now both the Columns of the Spreadsheet are getting updated, the first Column becomes Blank, and the Date Column gets marked as Present.

How to stop getting the Name (first) Column updated?

Unfortunately we do not know what you were doing… what about providing a screenshot of your updated blocks?

The Blocks are the same, only in the Airtable, the first column is also getting updated with a blank value, hot to prevent that…?

The Update row by number method expects in socket column Names a list with the column names you like to update and in socket value a list of the corresponding values
You might want to adjust your blocks accordingly


this is my airtable, and upon running the Update Row block, the Cell in Column StudentName is also getting updated with a blanl value…

I’m trying to fetch values from a column when the screen is initialised. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Also, using the Uprade Row by Row Number block, I wish to Update only the 2nd Column of the Spreadsheet but not the first one, but the first column is also getting updated by a blank value…

Plz suggest the needful…

For the initialize try to add a clock to create a delay. On the initialize set clock to true and on tic set got column and clock to false .
For the update I don’t know. Try to check the values you are getting and also the values you are trying to update. To verify if there is some wrong values

Could it be the date format? something sheets database don’t like all text format and characters