[UPDATED] Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player


(Vishal Joshi) #21

it working… so no need to go off topic here. keep it straight. People will get confused.

(Vishal Joshi) #22

New Updated APK (Online Music Player) - Fusion Player.apk (6.6 MB)

Whats New -

  • Dynamic Category
  • Dynamic Music According to Category Selected
  • Download Music
  • AdMob Integration
  • Side Menu
  • Splash Screen

(simson peter) #23

@vgaire007 hi sir I need fusion player AIA. How much it cost

(Etienne LL) #24

@simsonpeter A lot of work and time I think ? :thinking:

(Vishal Joshi) #25

hi… @simsonpeter

check out this video to know how to get this AIA by paying or for free - YouTube

or you can chat with me on whatsapp to know more details. every details are given in the video description.

(Vishal Joshi) #26

Dynamic Online music player aia is now available for free.
Check the youtube link given above.

(PREET) #27

dear i’m wating for you block image

(mike Bennett) #28

love the app unfortunately I dont have the skills to adapt it for my use.
Ive only just started learning this week.
I only need the Song name and mp3 url ,the catagory option I dont need ,also to make it GDPR compliant .I have had shut down in the past for that.

I would be willing to pay for someone to make the changes for me.
thanks again for the file

(Vishal Joshi) #29

what kind of changes you want. you just want category part removed or is there anything else… contact me through whatsapp at - https://goo.gl/9r6goi to discuss in details about the work and payment